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Ironmongery Supplies

Ironmongery suppliers are a significant part of the ironmongery industry.  Ironware is also sold by ironfoundries to smiths and other metal workers.

There are many different types of ironmongeries we have like handles, door handles including nails, hinges, locksets, tools for working with metal such as hammers and chisels, wire in various gauges for civil and electrical purposes etc. Ironmongery suppliers are a vital part of any successful business. They provide businesses with the necessary tools for their success and allow them to continue expanding, developing, and providing high-quality products or services. We are specialized in Ironmongery materials.

Ironmongery supplies are an important part of modern society and we have an edge over its products. Iron brackets, door and window hinges, locksets on various doors- this is just the beginning when it comes to items that people can buy our shop.

The selection varies from industrial strength bolts for heavy machinery to smaller pieces such as nail files used by manicurists at salons all around town!


Ironmongery has been pivotal since medieval times developing into what we now know today as staples that make up everyday life with their variety never before seen anywhere else than where they’re sold. You won’t be able find anything like them elsewhere! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something small like nails or big metal bars. We have the tools, experience, and passion to take up any creative challenge that you can throw our way and we’ll always remain dedicated to your satisfaction.

Whether it’s a vintage-inspired design or something modern.  So come talk with us about how we can change your requirements into reality. Wipro international’s products range from sleek stainless steel finishes with mirror polished and entrance handles in a variety of styles including straight, curved and can-opener as well as an extensive spectrum of opportunities.